Lana Del Rey to collaborate with Tyler, the Creator

A rather unlikely collaboration is likely to happen in the near future as two of the arguably most talked about music artists right now, Lana Del Rey and Tyler, the Creator, have expressed mutual interest to work together. The pair recently took to their official Twitter pages to spread the news. Tyler wrote:

Just Found Out Lana Del Ray Wanted To Work With Me. Had No Idea. If Your Reading This Im Down, I Have Pretty Instrumentals

Ms. Del Rey then later replied and told the OFWGKTA general he was "Number 1" in her eyes. This comes just days after Odd Future came to the UK to perform a series of shows. Stay tuned as more details are likely to emerge soon.

By: Petar Kujundzic / News / March 31, 2012 / 12956 Views
  • dannyeaton14
  • Ammar H

    lol cool story bro

  • AreTheyGonnaFuck?

    are they gonna fuck?

  • Detective Isis Lane Love

    Secret Codes 

    Tyler : "I Have Pretty Instrumentals" = I have the anaconda 

    Lana : "Number 1" in her eyes" = Skee Skee on my face 

  • groupie

    probs, lana loves black d


     does she? she says he loves hip hop, but i figured she was into the james dean type of dudes

  • Ammar H

    lmfao how would you know

  • Gordon Pham-Nguyen

    This is gonna be interesting.

  • Katokani5

    ThIs shit going to be cray!!!

  • Beatzbym.E.

    ahah this should be dope

  • justinbieberluvsme

    when's the ASAP collab gonna happen?

  • justinbieberluvsme

    when's the ASAP collab gonna happen?

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  • dnwilliams

    Seems like a natural fit to me.

  • dnwilliams

    Seems like a natural fit to me.

  • dnwilliams

    Seems like a natural fit to me.

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  • i Like Girls Daily

    Yeah this shit is totally "cray" and "dope". 

    Lana Del Ray is a fake, do you people not follow this stuff?

    She is a manufactured singer. This is weak.

  • Aronas

    two wack overhyped lames working together seems normal.

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  • Disastrobellos

    This is going to be beautiful.

  • Byahbyah

    For all we know, he might just be producing for her.  Tyler has said a few times that he wants to be more of a producer than a rapper.  That would mean stretching horizons and working with artists like Lana.

    So I'm expecting Tylers type of sound with Lana singing.  Especially going by her last albums sound which was much darker than most pop albums today.

  • NonHyped

    The story is behind her old name as Lizzie Grant. made up or not she can sing she's like the anti-Adele

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