Katy Perry covers “Ni**as In Paris”

Appropriately rocking a Yankees fitted cap, Katy Perry recently hit up BBC's Radio 1 Live Lounge, where she channeled her inner Jay-Z by letting loose a cover of Jay and Ye's Watch The Throne smash "N****s In Paris." Witness above, as the ever-popular pop star runs through a rather intriguing, clean performance of one of 2011's hottest tracks. And no, she didn't let is loose 10 or 12 times like Hov and Yeezy made the norm. The only thing that would have made this better is Will Ferrell playing Perry's hypeman.

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Live / March 19, 2012 / 11901 Views
  • Chip

    not sure..if just typo or clever wordplay...
    but this is hypetrak, so its gotta be a typo

  • Emac21

    Wow.... At least she's still hot. Jay and ye had to have known that people(who are white) would do awkward live renditions of the song, leaving out the n-word.

  • Chip

    dis is the definition of SHIT

  • nj royalty

    ahahah katy perry white ass

  • Juan Pablo


  • Daniel

    Never knew Ni**as stood for Ninjas...

  • coldtee

    this ish don't phase me. shut up though. sea punk is dead. Peter Kujundzic will be featured on my new blog thirstydorkbloggers.blogspot.com

  • Anders Svensson


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  • Guest

    this is actually really good considering shes not a rapper, swag

  • Rخخخخخخخخخخ


  • http://twitter.com/Emvnvel עמנואל

    Crackers in Paris

  • td_j

    in all respect shes not worse than jay. anybody can rap. but it doesn't mean people wanna hear ya

  • td_j

    or in other words rappers are all clout

  • Homer OJ Simpson

    I love it, when people marginalize rap, when people, like Katy Perry, is doing is reciting a song that has been playing on the radio half a trillion times.

    If anyone can really rap, i would love to hear all of the easy million songs that suburbanites can come up with.  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3EY5P3ATJ6WVYGVPSRKTY45CR4 Kneegrow Bboy

    Shit was kinda funny... and un-expected... No harm done... Don't hate, the girl can sing... Rapping ain't her thing though...

  • Homer OJ Simpson

    Pop singers are the worst... viva Norah Jones!...hahaha

  • AstroMan

     Anyone can sing too. Doesn't mean they sound good when they do it. Production, song writing and instrumentalist are what really drive music, and those skills are a rare talent.

  • td_j

    if you didn't listen to niggas in paris half a trillion times you could easily listen to a million others. simple math bruh

  • yeezyohyayeezy

    was that Justin Bieber?

  • dunno

    her life is a FUNNY JOKE.

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  • talentspot
  • Justsayin

    Discalimer: I am black

    Why do people find it necessary to use racial slurs to insult people. If someone dropped the N bomb on you sans "A" you'd be all up in arms. Respect people, fam...

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  • Homer OJ Simpson

    I meant to say million dollar songs. But the point i was trying to make is, if it is was so easy, then why go to college, why aren't there a ton of rich people rapping all over the place? 

    Why can't a five year old freestyling on youtube get a record deal or end up on this site?

    The truth is not everyone can rap, if that was the case, Katy Perry wouldn't be embarrassed to do this song, and millions of people wouldn't be going to concerts, if they could do what Jay-Z and Kanye do on a daily basis. 

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  • td_j

    i respect that. but truly, i just don't like jay anymore. i think he's gotten sloppy but people still blow his balls cause of the old jay. without a doubt his clout has surpassed his skill level.

  • Pwakkolee

    Her rapping voice ain't even that bad.. compared to most female MCs

  • Bob Sagat

    her voice is sexy as fuck doe.

  • Homer OJ Simpson

    I agree to that. And Jay isn't my fav either. But once you do get those royalty checks and save up your millions, that hunger to put out something great, just isn't there anymore.

    My favorite old rapper who is still in the game is Busta... I guess its hard to stay relevant these days.

  • Jamaal

    love katy but this is terrible

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  • Juan Pablo

    You're right. He should've said "Crackaz in Paris".

  • Yero

    The title of this post clearly says what this video is about. It's a cover, what did you expect? If you
    don’t want to see a pop singer rapping, don’t watch.
    Either way, stop crying about this like little b*tches.

    Next post.

  • sammy lin

    that was awful.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pete-Pyt-Nguyen/1788281100 Pete ‘Pyt’ Nguyen

    the bitch ruined it



  • dannyeaton14
  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabriel-Robert-Thomas/732364835 Gabriel Robert Thomas