Deadmau5 – The Veldt (Chris James Vocal Edit) (Preview)

After his recent rant on collaborations, Deadmau5 somewhat confusingly lets loose a new vocal edit from Chris James. The effort is a reworking of "The Veldt," as for now, we simply have this roughly one-minute preview. No other news was let loose along with the audio, so we'll have to wait and see what comes of this set. Enjoy below.

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Tracks / March 20, 2012 / 3873 Views
  • Mack

    This is part of that same exact rant. SHould have posted the whole thing instead of like a quarter of it hypetrak. Looking really sloppy."However, the electronic music community needs more people like Chris James, who i actually just randomly stumbled on via twitter, pretty insane.he had posted a link claiming  he did a vocal to the track ive uploaded on soundclud, ill be honest, i *do* check demos out from time to time… but not nearly as often as they come in… for whatever reason, i took a shot and checked it out… i was fucking nearly in tears. Not because i think he’s the best singer in the world… but because HE FUCKING GOT IT. TOTALLY and COMPLETELY got it.i had previously stated on the demo that the song was loosely connected to the short story i read… the kid went and read the story, and did what i did. His verses are connected to me in that way, this track is pure. This is how inspiration is supposed to work.  Even before hitting the play button on his soundcloud, i almost wanted to roll my eyes waiting for the first verse to have a mention about his last breakup, or this other bitch he thinks is hot, or how he was on his way to a club, or just how warm and fuzzy he felt about THA BEAT (or ‘tha bass’ for that mater). fuck all that.he righteously did his homework, and came up with just a few bang on verses that completely compliment the story and the mood, which is all i ever want from a song that contained lyrical content. Can’t give him props enough.The moral of the story is here, is that this is what songwritting should be about. Music is meant to provoke feeling and thought. So if we were to go by popular music, we should all be thinking how sexy we are and we know it, or how our hands should be contstantly up in the air… or maybe we should drop that bass because itss too fucking heavy to lift or whatever the fucking problem with bass is these days."- Deadmau5

  • bonermcstevens

    wtf are you talking about

  • Caca

     Too much reading. I just liked it...

  • -_-

    He pasted over deadmau5's rant ...I'm not a real big fan of his...but definitively appreciate his attitudes towards music...i wish he had chosen a genre i enjoy, electronic music is lucky to have him