Odd Future Talk presents Unreleased Volume 4

As they've done with the volumes before it, Odd Future Talk lets loose another batch of Odd Future music which hasn't seen the light of day. Featuring 13 tracks, the mixtape comes along the following message from the OFT members:

The wait is finally over. For the past two months, TascamVillain, itzmurda, BlackJesusKTA, alsweatshirt, Keith Sweatshirt and -GJ- have all been hard at work striving to deliver a worthy follow-up to Unreleased Volume 3. It was not easy, nor was it an overnight success. But in result of our combined efforts, dedication and some help from Skoolie ThreeHundred and the Creative Bunch collective, we feel we’ve been able to meet that goal. OFT and CBFR are proud to present to you all, the latest installment in our Unreleased series. Make sure to download Jack Mushroom’s debut album, OneUp . Also, be on the lookout for Skoolie’s upcoming album “Flight 91,” which will feature an appearance from Jasper Dolphin.” For the download, click here.

By: Richard Brooks / Tracks / February 19, 2012 / 7043 Views