Kendrick Lamar & Pharrell Williams collectively recorded six songs

As previously indicated, Kendrick Lamar is currently busy crafting his upcoming debut album. On that note, we also reported that the Compton native has also spent some serious studio time with Pharrell Williams. In a recent interview with Billboard, he opened up on the collaboration with Skateboard and further revealed the possibility of recording with Q-Tip in the near future.

“Pharrell really does this music like this is his first time in the studio. He still got that hunger. He’s one of the producers that pulls out his keyboard and pulls up the session and make a crazy beat right front of you. We knocked out six records in two days. Just by off the vibin’ [and] creating from scratch. To hear all the music that he’s making and reminisce all the music that I love to listen to, he’s making it right in front of me now is a crazy feeling.

Regarding working with Q-Tip he said:

“We ain’t lock in on the music side yet. Sometimes its best to feel the energy first before you go in the lab with a person.”