Earl Sweatshirt home, previews new music

As was reported just days ago, Earl Sweatshirt is speculated to finally be back at his Los Angeles home. Now, upon joining the wonderful world of Twitter, the long lost Odd Future emcee has tweeted that he is indeed home, as he then revealed the above video, featuring a new audio snippet. Earl says that if he reaches 50,000 Twitter followers by the end of the day, he'll release the full drop. So please, get on that by following here — for all our benefit.

By: Jonathan Sawyer / News / February 9, 2012 / 6790 Views
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  • Fiasco

    Shut the fuck up


    ok ok

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    U mad?

  • dahomie

    earl aint free nigga!

  • Malus Obsidian

    About God Damn Time

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    earl isnt free.  he's a slave...to the money

  • Jarrett Jack

    Someone explain to me why Tyler and OF dudes arnt bugging out? Exactly

  • Jarrett Jack

    Someone explain to me why Tyler and OF dudes arnt bugging out? Exactly

  • chase

    Fuck, man. You're deep. 

  • Nicolaa.Noir

    Tyler's followin him on Twitter, so im guessin its legit

  • Nicolaa.Noir

    Tyler's followin him on Twitter, so im guessin its legit

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  • Scholls

    "Do Not, Kids I Repeat, Do Not Live Your Life Tryna Make Your Parents/Anyone Happy. DO WHAT THE FUCK YOU WANT."-From Tyler the Creator's twitter....I feel like this has something to do with whats going on with Earl. 
    There's been a lot of theories suggested about where AIM(the organization who released the statement about Earl being home, and their expected role in his career) comes into all of this. 
    Just based on deciphering the tweets from Tyler, and this is pure speculation, there are some discrepancies about what Tyler wants for Earl (him coming back to Odd Future) and what his Mom wants (a rap career built by the same people who worked with Tupac) but my guess is Earl will end up going it solo and separate himself from Odd Future. "nowadays people have personal intentions tryna use my nigga earl. We family nigga. Earl isn't free. Fuck fabrication. OFWGKTA#freeearl"- From Hodgy Beat's twitter....also possibly related to AIM, and the Odd Future people feeling as though Earl is being exploited. At the very least we know there is trouble in the Odd Future camp.

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    hey earl! you still owe me a botton up shirt from freshjive fool its been like two years i had it on hold paid for it, i went to grab something to eat at the burger joint next to it  and you closed the store i went back the next day taco didnt know what the fuck i was talking about..this was about two years ago maybe? during the time you were getting ready to leave i know you remember cuz the bag said the kid from pomona lol so when i kept calling niggas were giving me the run around lol its alll good but can a nigga from pomona get his shit lol 

    705 erie st pomona ca 91768 thanks

    p.s im glad yo big lip ass is back in cali so now the whole world can see how your the best kept secret in OF and you can give me my shirt 

    yeah i know hes going to read cus its hypewack and if doesnt can someone twitter him this lol i dont have a twitter or anyother social network that kills the world. 

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    calm down.

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    i don't like his mom

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    Tyler unfollowed him though

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    Anyone else think this nigga just heard Cadence Weapon on the internet one day and was like "okay only I know this nigga from Edmonton, so I'm gonna straight up SWACK his ass and ball hard in LA.

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