A$AP Rocky talks homophobia in hip-hop

In case you haven't noticed by now, A$AP Rocky is out to change the game. Apparently, this does not only imply a switch in music but also when it comes to the expansion of tolerance. On this note, the self-proclaimed "pretty mthrfckr" from Harlem sat down with Spinner to discuss the touchy subject of homophobia and questions some of the macho standards of conventional hip-hop.

"I don't give a f--- about your business. Man, if you're gay we can be friends. If you're straight, we can be friends...I really don't give a fuck and I don't think anyone should care about what another man's preference is...As long as you're a great person and, y'know, you don't bother me and make me uncomfortable, then let's be friends, dude.

[Hip-hop] needs to stop being so close-minded because that will just cause the genre to fail. Look at pop. Pop doesn't discriminate against people. Look at Lady Gaga, y'know what I mean? Who the fuck makes the rules for hip-hop? Who the fuck dictates who's cool and who's not?"

What is your opinion on this subject matter?

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  • http://www.croque-monsieur.nl Sjoerd


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002822157322 Jimmy Jeffers

    #A$VP !

  • Anonymous

    pic looks like curren$y

  • http://twitter.com/SoTattedJay ✔ Notorious J $†ash

    nigga u gay

  • Anonymous

    if dis niqqua come out the closet i'm bout get to stealin muffukaz
    no disrespekct to all the homos

    b.i.g don't get down like that 


     exactly the comment i expected to see

  • http://twitter.com/omerismael omerismael

    coming from the man with three phallic symbols in his mouth

  • Skylar

    What's "Homophopia"? The P key is like five away from the B. Sweet editing broseph

  • http://www.facebook.com/2xUeL Richard Connerton

    Kinda ruined the whole thing by ignorantly using the word 'retarded'.

    Consciousness in hip hop doesn't sell

  • Anonymous Content

    "and I don't think anyone should care about what another man's preference is..."

    It's not a "preference." Like Lady Gaga would say, "born that way." OK?

  • Niggasbesayindumbshit

    the word retarded isnt used at ALL. 

  • Kingkenny1106


  • oyeme

    ya'll have some spelling errors in that first paragraph just fyi!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UZZ2WD4AZAFHMSLIKB6OUBZTSE Michael Tremendous

     What in God's name language is this in?

  • ha1212

    then what sets the border between pop and hiphop?

    i think that hiphop should maintain it's culture at least

  • justinbieberluvsme

    black american english

  • Franks

    since when have blunts been phallic symbols?

  • Franks

    obviously you did not read the full article where he states "it's like f---ed up that hip-hop is so retarded."

  • Swag

    ASAP knows wassup!

  • truth_im not a hater

    Homophobia supposebly means fear of homosexual right? Know One is afraid of a homosexual..straight people just don't wanted to be indulge In their practice or their belief because Its a distasteful behavior and lifestyle. A forgery of a real man Real woman companionship.I agreed w/ love they neighborhood with humbleness ..but I won't Idolize or indulge in their distasteful practices. I kno this article is a reference to jeremy scotts brand And its influence on asap rocky. Don't be decieve into thinking that's lifestyle is gonna be accept in GOD's house. But I understand Rocky in a sense we need more peace in the world but before we do that we gotta undertand the origin of the problem we face Today we MUST read the BIBLE(basic instructions before Living earth) then u fix the errors of today.. Before defending homosexuality look up the origin meaning of that lifestyle.

  • Shana

    IT is a preference. At one point every human was attracted to the opposite sex. Then they choose their sexuality

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  • CandyDropper


  • jimbo jones

     Not only is your opinion wrong but so is your choice of emphasis on words.

  • http://twitter.com/_brodre zachary


  • Will


  • Humans don’t know shit

    Why do we have to read the bible? Their are many other religious texts out there. I'm curious why you believe we should read the bible instead of everything else? 

  • Anonymous

    Shut the fuck up.

  • Myt

    Sometimes circumstances happen that change a persons self awareness or preference. I don't think it is one or the other. Why do people try to define this?

  • Myt

    re: your 'expertise'...FAIL

  • Myt

    All he's saying is that a person's choice in partner will not affect his ability to be friends with them. Why do you have to be so deep? It's simple. To each his own. Is he wrong for not judging? Let God judge only.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gnutgrass Garrett Nutgrass

     This is an idiotic statement, I'm sad to see that people liked it.

  • Asap_No one

    You need to, one :learn how to spell, two: stop judging the situation like you know what you're talking about. Whoever thinks that they've traced the origins to homosexuality is an idiot. The Bible is a book that should only be interpreted and read by people with some level of objectivity and not centuries of religious subjectivity drilled in by their insecure parents. People like you are the errors of today, How many homosexuals do you tolerate to have their say in your opinionated arguments? You need to put the bible down and read it when you grow the fuck up. Just needed to take out a moment to defend people I know didn't choose to be gay, it's just who they are. 

  • Derekjones2025

    retarded meaning hindered. hip hop is hindered from moving forward.

  • fano


  • guest

    EVERYONE IN HIP HOP PROCLAIMS B.IG to be the best?  yup guess what his best friend "MANN" was gay as can be....check the guy sitting next to him in the juicy video...thats his best friend from day 1....he took this dude every where with him....was even cool wit the the dude's boyfriend.........homophobic people are just people that are not comfortable with something inside of them......why should even thing twice about what someone else is doin in there own bed??  just doesn't compute...

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  • YR

    the more gay people the more pussy for me

  • Dustin Suh

    hip-hop should evolve and grow with the rest of the world. you can still maintain the culture of hip-hop without promoting hate.

  • Astro

     That is one of the most ignorant things I have ever read

  • guest

    No that's not black american english. That is just some horrible "didn't get an proper education" english

  • George

    He is so right what does it matter we are all humans first and formmost Live and let live "only god can judge"

  • Who?

    There are many facets of Hip Hop. I hardly think that making it a more accepting community will change the genre. Besides, have you seen Hip Hop lately? Its more pop influenced than its ever been and that's in spite of the rampant homophobia.

  • wvnr.tumblr.com


  • Bob Sagat

    you are a true idiot. 

  • Willlatu

    thank GOD i live in Australia, the U.S of A is fucked

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  • chase

    I don't think A$AP meant it (preference) like how he prefers, say, Coke over Pepsi. But rather just as a general word an individual's sexual orientation. Meant no harm, my nigga.