WZRD featuring Desire – Teleport 2 Me, Jamie

A couple of weeks ago, KiD CuDi fans received the disappointing news that WZRD, his collaborative project with longtime producer and friend Dot Da Genius, would no longer be releasing on January 31 as planned. Instead, they're aiming for February 28. To make up for it, CuDi announced on Twitter the other day that two tracks from the album would go on sale on the original release date. It's now officially the last day of the month, and fans who have been camped out on iTunes know that their favorite former lonely stoner has owned up to his word. One of the songs that can be purchased now is "Brake," which Cudi and Genius gave out back in November. The other, however, has only previously been heard in snippet form. The single, titled "Teleport 2 Me, Jamie" in honor of the mother of CuDi's daughter, may sound slightly familiar if you've heard the soundtrack to this past fall's box office hit movie, Drive. Since the Desire-sampling song is now floating about the 'net, we've provided a stream for you all to listen to. If you want to download it, head over to iTunes or Amazon.