SNDCLSH (DJ Lupe Fiasco & DJ Sky Gellatly) featuring DJ Kue – Letting Go (Remix)

Lupe Fiasco's DJ project The SNDCLSH with friend and associate Sky Gellatly, has officially brought forth its first official tune in the shape of the remix of “Letting Go.” As his Friend of the People mixtape indicated earlier in 2011, do not expect too much hip-hop sounds on this one.

The SNDCLSH, the collaborative music duo of DJ Lupe Fiasco and DJ Sky Gellatly, have dropped their first official track, the collaborative remix of “Letting Go” with the DJ and producer wonder DJ Kue. The song is a glimpse into the SNDCLSH debut EP, “Don’t Drop The Flag”, an all electronic music album.

And in keeping with the philanthropic spirit of Lupe and Sky, they have pledged to donate ALL of the proceeds from their upcoming EP to kids in need. Yes, every single dollar. Be on the lookout for more SNDCLSH tracks in the coming weeks, and for an early 2012 album drop from the SNDCLSH.