Lana Del Rey – SNL Performance

Lana Del Rey’s invitation to perform on the prestigious musical stage of Saturday Night Live has ben fueled by discussion on whether the artist deserves this honor without even having a full record out or not. As previously announced, the rising songstress delivered live versions of her two monster singles "Video Games" and "Blue Jeans." Watch above and see for yourself if LDR did SNL justice.

Source: The Audio Perv

By: Petar Kujundzic / Live / January 15, 2012 / 5089 Views
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  • StrangelyDetached

    Not so happy with Lana's performance. Don't really care whether or not she has a full album out yet or not, she's on her way if she can improve her stage presence and uh, her live voice? I read somewhere that she has pretty bad stage fright, so I'm not sure if that was part of it or if she just can't sing live. She looks either stoned or incredibly nervous.

  • For.Goodness

    She sounded like she was trying to remake Rocky Horror Picture Show. Not impresses at all.

  • Ahod45

    hypetrak you been praising this fake label industry force fed trash since she popped in google i cant fuck with you anymore hypebeast was raw like 5 years ago then hypetrak came and started just putting some of the wackest artists on here.

  • Boogaloo

    this chick is garbage no booty cant sing for shit. awful

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  • mileyBX

    She can get it those cocksuckers

  • Podgyfeats

    Getting way more attention then she deserves.
    she's ..ok, not as great as the media are making her out as.. listen to any performance of Adele live, and this shit doesn't even compare

  • Tyrntlzrdking

    I loved her performance.  Very  unique artsy sexy.  She is no Justin Bieber if that is what everyone is looking for.

  • HiPop

    co-signed ^

  • Error:840

    It was a terrible performance by any standard. Not many noticed, but Lana even flubbed a l lyric early on while singing Video Games.

  • Anonymous

    No vocal technique, no breath control and no stage presence.  She can't even fake her way through a decent performance. I haven't seen something this bad in a prime time performance since the horrific Fabian and Annette Funicello days of manufactured pop stars. Just awful.

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  • MightyMos

    Thanks you all for your comments, man been saying she was horrible for while, but kept on seeing posts of her weekly!! good to see i'm not the only one, ain't going crazy

  • herman

    lana del rey if you can fake it you can make it..daddy warbucks got her covered he payed for the plastic surgery but on the real tho, nigga needs to pay for some singing lessons ASAP.

  • Jamila Wallace

    Of course she doesn't compare to Adele. Why would you even mention the two in the same sentence... No one likes this chick because they think she's some amazing vocalist.

  • HuckitChuckitFootball

    She was probably nervous as fuck. Damn. 

  • Timothy Togap Shanon

    Is that guy in the start the Harry Potter guy? 

  • Alvi Zaman

    yeah, "the Harry Potter guy"

  • Bob Sagat

    i used to think this beez was fuuuckin' sexy. she kinda looks like a man. 

  • Kevin Krasnow

    ok video games is an amazing song - the studio version, anyway - but lana is just awful when she performs this song live.  simply too slow.  i mean, unless you are a straight up diva with a huge vocal range (mariah carey, christina aguilera, etc) slow songs are not great.  even norah jones, with her beautiful voice, can lose the crowd.  at least with blue jeans she seemed a bit more comfortable.  way better than video games.

  • Gio23


  • Mammothwooly

    poor girl she's awful and trying TOO hard. how did she end up on SNL anyway. pops connections probably, WAAAY more talented artists out there that couldve been on.

  • Podgyfeats

    only reason i mentioned her in the same light as adele is because no new female artist in recent times has really got this kind of global attention so quickly, except adele.
    ...vocally, she's on kermit the frog's level

  • Tyrntlzrdking

    Ya, I liked blue Jeans.  

  • Rrs0426

    This is perhaps one of the most annoying, pretentious current vocal stylings, this female "indy" self-conscious, slurred, weirdly-pronounced and annunciated weak warbling. I guess it's become so common because one really doesn't have to have much in the way of pipes to cop it and the singer automatically gets passed-off as "introverted" and "vulnerable". So pretentious, so insincere, so..... "easy". Learn to sing, al;ready.

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  • Humza Khan

    every live performance i've seen of hers is horrible.

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