Drake says diss from Common is a ploy for attention

You've all probably been waiting — waiting to see if Drake would shoot back at Common after letting loose his "Stay Schemin" Remix. Unfortunately, it's all been for naught, as Drake recently revealed that he would absolutely not respond to the Chicago emcee. He actually went so far as to say that what Common did was not hip-hop, but simply a ploy for attention. See an excerpt from the Young Money artist's recent interview with Nah Right below:

No. Because despite how it’s been worded by him that situation is not a “hip hop moment” or a “battle for the sake of musical integrity”…it’s a ploy for attention around the release of an album. More than anything it was just disappointing cause what kid isn’t a fan of what Common has done for our genre. A guy who made such an incredible career for himself based off expressing genuine feelings about life and love is now targeting me for sharing my story.

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Interviews / January 31, 2012 / 4471 Views
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  • Jeidenskyler

    any rapper can talk about bussin guns and catchin a body because  those convections are all fiction based on whether you think certain rappers make it more "believable". so to consider drake as unworthy of these types of lyrics and allowing other rappers acceptance of false murder lyrics because of some stupid "believable" reason like being from brooklyn rather than toronto or bacause drake also raps about things that are not 90's hood shit is an illogical basis of forming any opinions on the matter.

    so it's kinda illogical to be wasting time hating or complaining with put-down, no-sense-making opinions on a blog about some rap artist who really is spreading hip hop into newer forms of lyrical themes.

  • Anonymous

    you said music is not always based on reality and I said that's not the fucking point, i never said it had to had to be, just expect someone to criticize you.  No one cares that drake is literally a soft ass nigga, in real life and in his music, they are calling him out for trying to be tough and its not even believable. He in La talkin reckless on stage knowin damn well  he cant step to nobody and he think he invincible when ross around, seriously its hoe ass shit and you can expect to get clowned.

    You like to argue about the dumbest shit please stop spamming my comments with your bullshit arguments.

  • Anonymous

    Guess you dont know drake LOL this nigga sounds like a homosexual, YOU CANNOT GET AWAY WITH TOUGH GUY TALK it has nothing to do with any hood shit, or being from canada, hes just a soft ass dude, in almost every way. Nigga waves his hands in interviews like a bitch, drinks white wine spritzers for gods sake, and Chelsea latley damn near called him a faggot(cuz she aint stupid either). Hes soft,  he talkin tough guy shit, cut it out nigga  its not believable just be yaself. 

    thats why hes getting clowned, so next time know what the fuck your talking about before making assumptions about why everybodys gettin on him becuase it has nothign to do with what you think. like i have said already any rapper can get clowned on for any lyric or persona they portray, this is not just a drake rule.

  • Jeidenskyler

    yeah, i'm talking about music. you're apparently ranting about your opinions of which i stated are ignorant.

  • Anonymous

    and guess what? this thread has barely anything to do with that,  we all talkin about drake  and how he actin and you talkin about some other shit, now GTFO.

    and by the way its not an opinion, the nigga is soft. theres nothing wrong with that but when you try to get big on a nigga, ppl will get on you, thats just hiuman nature not ignorant opinion.

  • Jeidenskyler

    dumbest shit? using the word "blasphemy" in the wrong content is the "dumbest shit"

    yeah so  said i was talking blasphemy? HAHAHAHA

    there's something else you're evidently wrong about right? 


  • Jeidenskyler

    im glad you now agree with me that there is nothing wrong with a nigga in hip hop rapping about "soft" subject matter due to it being 2012.

    and i'm saying that its ignorant to get on his case for any lyrical content. period. when its all pretty much phony in the rap game.

    and from reading most of the threads in a MUSIC blog, i can see  haters are hating and most logical posters are talking about music.

  • Anonymous

     omg any fool can understand what everyone saying, hes a soft ass dude, period, now all of a sudden he wants to be hard and talk reckless and nobody is fooled, THATS WHY HES GETTING CLOWNED ON. 

    Now you can GTFO and stop  arguing over nothing, this thread wasn't even about the music.

  • Jeidenskyler

    well if you imply that drake can't rap about bussin guns and carrying bodies,(which is about music) all im saying is that's ignorant. i've conspicuously stated y. that's all ^_^

  • Anonymous

    are you stupid? didn't i tell you its not about the music,  he was on stage sayin "i aint a bitch cuz i sing  say it to my face" blah blah tough guy shit, sayin bitch ass shit on twitter, its not just the music, so stop arguing for no fucking reason, find somebody else to jock, please.

  • Jeidenskyler

    you brought up "bustin guns" and "catchin bodies" which are a part of drakes lyrics. didn't you know lyrics are a part of music? i have been replying on topic in response to that unlike yourself. and implying that drake can't rap about that is ignorant, as iv'e clearly stated y. that's it. ^_^  what else is there to talk about?

  • Anonymous

    obviously you only knew the half of it now shut the fuck up and troll elsewhere.

  • Adambest

    You are one ignorant fool, it must tough being a high school drop out and struggling to read all the tough words on here when people actually use proper grammar, but I feel sorry for you because when  your country goes bankrupt again and your out on the streets begging to get into Canada, no one will notice you we'll be to busy bumpin  drake in the whip... So fuck you and have a nice day, and on a side note I really enjoyed how you signed your rant as "U FAGGGGGS"... Dumbass

  • Orlando Juarez-Vitela

    its simple, he's telling the truth, drake just stop trying to be hard. and be the vaginal rapper that you are, you rap for girls, simple as that for your simple ass. 

  • KTA

    FUN FACT: Every entertainer/person seeking fame or celebrity has to have a ploy for attention. They're called publicists and they need attention to be successful.
    The more you know....

  • KTA

    wtf r u talking about nigga.
    i know u aint talking to me

  • HPrhymes
  • HPrhymes
  • Overdosed

    how can common call anybody soft? he made an album with erykah badu and dressed like a gay clown... i cant take him serious... and if drake is a actor so is common... common has played in movies (one of them being happy feet 2) and drake did one tv show when he was in his TEENS... like seriously? common clearly is the weaker nigga. lets be real.

  • Jeidenskyler

    being irelevent again and swaying off topic only accomplishes revealing ignorance again. like what i'm saying, your opinions on drake, and all your opinions in general are ignorant and i've stated y.

  • Anonymous

    im not, obviously you misunderstood and came to your own assumptions about what i was saying and i had to correct you. Listen the dude is soft theres no opinion about that, he is. If he wants to get all tough on common, hes gonna get clowned, i dont give a fuck what you think about it, end of story. go troll elsewhere.

  • Radical

    nah, Drake just sucks.

  • Anonymous

    'Cause his rich jewish ass be in the richest part of town in the richest private school so excuse us if you don't speak perfect english..

  • http://twitter.com/theBreaux Brandon B

    Hahahaha funniest comment on here.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Wumbo4President Hay Zeus

    The Issue with DRAKE is that he is a walking contradiction. You can't speak of being hard and being a thug and then talk about how you drunk dialing your ex and how much you miss her. If youre gonna be a thug be a thug. If youre gonna be a Bruno Mars crooner be that. Dont speak proper when you give interviews and suddenly forget all intellect when you rap. Drake isnt doing anything new either. He aint the first nigga to talk about "feelings" or sing. He just the first nigga to do it in such a bullshit ass manner. He like a sweet ass mix of 2pac, 808s Kanye, and Autotune Lil Wayne..and these little kids and sweet ass niggas eating it up.

  • http://dope93x.tumblr.com/ dope93x

    Common called the man out for acting like he was a badass. Drake need to keep the acting for the big screen .... lol .... television screen 

  • chakaLaka

    holy smokes!!! this little dude has got some bars!! please check him out, looks like he could do with some recognition! http://www.youtube.com/user/HPrhymes/videos

  • BraaapAttack

    this little dude has got bars..... http://www.youtube.com/user/HPrhymes/videos

  • Dwaynerichards

    Longest response thread I have ever seen on this site. Discussions about what it is to be an artist, and what it is to be credible, and what is expected of you and what you should be limited to all based on where you come from by people who have never met you. Pretty deep stuff.. Even a couple "motherfuckers so you ignant niggas hear me( Lauren Hill referance). "
    At the end of the day, I am greatful to have the opportunity to view the perceived missteps and perceived genius both artists have displayed in their work and actions.

  • Jeidenskyler

    correct me on what nigga? lol

    i never said he wasn't soft nigga, get that right ok. again...stick to the damn point, you always stray from just about everything i'm saying. here it is...

    you're opinions are ignorant.

  • Anonymous

    Everything ive said was a valid argument, ive already shot down your ridiculous assumptions about why you think i feel this way, given plenty of facts to back up my argument and yet you still say its ignorant, even though its really not an ignorant opinion, just one you dont agree with and feel is. Thats fine but in all honestly i relaly dont give a fuck and ive said this a couple of times so seriously.... stop wasting your time replying.

  • Real Talk

    Nah sorry KTA not at you bro lol

  • Jeidenskyler

     evidently u give all the fuck in the world what i say cause you keep replying.

    and no, you have no validation to back up anything you say.

    thats part of my points. everything u type is ignorant.

  • Anonymous

    damn nigga you still commenting on this shit get a life,  once again arguing about nothing at this point.  ive already shot all your points down, but to b honest whatever the fuck you point is, it was pretty irrelevant to this thread to begin with, so please go bother someone else please.

    and still likin your own posts.....