Azealia Banks disses Kreayshawn and Nicki Minaj

By now we know that the ever-eccentric Azealia Banks doesn't particularly care for fellow female artist Kreayshawn, as the two exchanged in a short but direct Twitter beef recently. Upon sitting down with The Hundreds for the latest issue of their coinciding publication, the Harlem spitter had a few additional words for Kreay as well as Nicki Minaj.

On Kreayshawn:

"As much as Kreayshawn would love to be considered part of this 'rap game,' she's not. I guess a part of me is kind of annoyed that those white girls are making these songs, and it's like if these girls were black and making the same songs would you be that interested?

On Nicki Minaj:

"The butt, the hair, the this, the that, all the other shit, like... As much respect that I have for her, we've seen you do this already, what else can you do?"

This young up-and-comer is out to have no friends by the time she's through with things, but then again, she has gotten the attention of another brash artist, Kanye West.