U2 tops in touring in 2011

Leading trade publication of the concert industry Pollstar have unveiled the list of the top tours in 2011. According to the listing, U2's 360 Tour was the highest earning road show internationally, grossing $156 million in North America and $231 million worldwide. The top 25 North American tours grossed $1.19 billion collectively, which signifies a reduction of roughly 4% from $1.24 billion in 2010. On a global scale, the top 25 worldwide tours brought in a $2.1 billion gross. Take That’s reunion tour with former member Robbie Williams took in $224 million during 2011 to place the British band, making it the second highest earning tour. Number 3 belongs to Bon Jovi, grossing $148.8 million during the year, followed by Taylor Swift ($104.2 million) and Roger Waters ($103.6 million). While Elton John enters on position 6 with $102.7 million, Rihanna ranks in at number 7 as her international Loud Tour earned internationally $90 million. The Caribbean beauty played 99 shows in 78 cities and averaged $75 per ticket during the six-month-long jaunt, which hit North America, South America and Europe.

Top North American live acts further include Lady Gaga ($63.7 million), Bon Jovi ($57.1 million), Elton John ($51.8 million), Sade ($48.6 million), Kanye West and Jay-Z ($48.3 million), Lil Wayne ($44.4 million), and Celine Dion ($41.2 million). You can see the full list below.

The projection for 2012 is looking positive, as big reunion shows from the legendary names like the Beach Boys, Fleetwood Mac, Black Sabbath, and Van Halen have been announced as well as arena filling dates by top attractions like Madonna and Bruce Springsteen, and a possible Rolling Stones 50th anniversary can be expected.