Kalup Linzy & James Franco – Rising

Two weeks ago we reported that actor James Franco joined forces with New York City-based performance artist Kalup Linzy for a joint EP, entitled Turn It Up. The illustrious duo now presents the project's first clip as they visually take on their synthpop track "Rising," which was co-produced by DJ /rupture. While the low-budget video mostly shows Linzy crooning in distinct settings, Franco only appears in ghost-like fashion in a distorted background. In addition, Linzy put out following statement:

"James and I have collaborated for over a year. He contributed vocals during recording sessions. He and I also exchanged video and vocals... James and I have both felt that sometimes developing projects separately and then bringing the other in later helps move the projects along. He is busy with school and films and I pretty much travel the world year round. We're not planning to tour or anything like that for the EP. The music is a part of an ongoing collaboration."

Turn It Up is slated for a July 12 release. Leave your thoughts below.

Source: Pitchfork