Hodgy Beats talks MellowHype, Earl Sweatshirt and more

The good folks over at Pitchfork sat down with Odd Future/MellowHype member Hodgy Beats to …

The good folks over at Pitchfork sat down with Odd Future/MellowHype member Hodgy Beats to discuss a range of subjects like Odd Future's upcoming collaboration with Nas, the whereabouts of Earl Sweatshirt, among others. The young artist gave an update on the status of the forthcoming followup to MellowHype's 2010 album BlackenedWhite.

We've been cutting a bunch of songs, and every song sounds so different. On some of the songs, there's really no structure -- or there is a structure, but it's not like a regular rap song where there's a 16-bar verse and an eight-bar chorus. The sound is really evolving. BlackenedWhite is just for everyone's ears. Numbers should be the eye-opener.

In addition, he also revealed that a solo album is already in the works.

It's called Damien, and I believe it'll be me rapping over mainly Tyler, the Creator's beats. I don't rap on Tyler's beats a lot, unless it's for his album. That album will be very ignorant.

Regarding his wishlist of potential collaborators, Hodgy commented following.

Alchemist, Jay-Z. Madlib. The Black Keys, definitely. They're fucking amazing. Nas -- which is in the works now, thanks to Frank Ocean. Ozzy [laughs]; that'd be fucking dope. I don't know if I'd even be able to make music with him. I'd just be sitting in the room fucking spazzing because I'm in a fucking room with Ozzy Osbourne.

As far as the enigmatic OFWGKTA member Earl Sweatshirt is concerned, privacy seems to be the key.

If we can't get in contact with Earl, you definitely can't. He will come back when he's ready, if he ever will be ready again. I haven't spoken to Earl in a while. But everyone that's digging for no reason, you're just beating a dead horse. It's dead.

In order to read the interview in its entirety, head over here.

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