Frank Ocean – Untitled Song (Snippet)

It's safe to say that Frank Ocean fans have been craving new material from Odd Future's resident crooner since the release of his critically-acclaimed debut project, Nostalgia, ULTRA., back in February—which undoubtedly introduced most of the current fans to his music. Although the first official music video he released early last week was for a song not on that project, it had already been floating around on the internet nonetheless. To prep his fans for the release of new material, which Frank has previously stated he hopes to put out sometime this summer, the 24-year-old singer-songwriter decided to put up a snippet of a never-before-heard track on his Tumblr yesterday. No title was given for the sound bite, but he did follow up the post with another stating that the full song will not be on the commercial re-release of Nostalgia, which Def Jam plans to make available on July 26.