DJ Pauly D Signs With G-Unit

50 Cent has reason to fist pump these days following news spread of a possible dealing with 50's G-Unit label and DJ Pauly D, it appears the deal has gone through. 50's DJ, DJ Whoo Kid confirmed the news this morning on the Shade 45 radio show and revealed the Jersey Shore star was signed and would likely be working alongside 50's colleague, Hot Rod, on 50's G-Note label. You can hear the full interview over at Rap Radar.

By: Davis Huynh / News / April 19, 2011 / 10191 Views
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  • Lisa Rebecca

    I vote Pierce Cruz I See music bitches

  • marc (


  • marc (


  • Pandas4free

    not like G-unit can't get no lamer

  • Luder

    i like sausage

  • Anonymous

    should have signed pierce cruz

  • WeedIsNotADrug

    whoo kid aint goin no where. thats em's boy right there

  • theComplex

    LOL! Good for Pauly!

  • Idea ClothingCo

    Should be funny.

  • Seymore Butts

    Bro banks is killing shit da fuck you talking about?

  • ..

    i checked pierce cruise out and his music sucks so this dumb marketing scheme should probably stop now.

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  • Joshua Bull


  • Anonymous

    Really? WTF! Only a bitch would sign DJ Shit D.

  • WeedIsNotADrug

    4/20 need some detox news...

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    dont forget tony yayo.... HEHEHE HEEEE!!!

  • Kelvin Yiadom

    SMH x 10000

  • Kelvin Yiadom

    SMH x 10000

  • Dudeitsgmj

    lol at the dumb bitch who said "Won't happen, this is just publicity shit." on the thread regarding whether or not pd would sign with g unit.

  • Lisa

    And you wonder why you don't get decent pussy talking like that.

    I stand by it, 50Cent pulls this kind of shit all the time, so I could have been right. Doesn't make me dumb and certainly doesn't make me a "bitch". Have fun with your hand.

  • Lisa

    Not like G Unit can get any lamer - you mean.

  • Nathan Vinilo

    LOOOLLL xddd the 2 shittt´s xdd

  • Gaetan Sahsah

    it's official, G-Unit is over ! Goodbye 50 !

  • Coolerkidd

    yo u like on evry dam page talkin shit like wtf? hahaha.. chill out brah dam...nobody cares THAT much

  • Lisa

    I RUN HYPETRAK. I'm the main guys girlfriend dumbass.

  • Charlie Dewitte

    You look like a really classy bird "ass-avatar" lisa.


  • Adam G

    Whether you like 50 or not, he is a successful business man. His Vitamin Water investment proves that. This signing might not be favorable amongst rap fans, but I think this signing could make 50 a good amount of money if all those Jersey Shore fans buy into it.

  • Lisa

    And just because you see it that way, it means I should be treated differently? Fuck you. I ain't going anywhere, so deal with it.

  • Coolerkidd

    haha wat kina lame ass shit is dat 2 lik i give a fuk lmao the "main guys"...watevr da fuk dat means

  • Dudeitsgmj

    And you wonder why you don't get decent cock talking like that.

    I never even wondered that. Oh well, I'll just put words in your mouth just like you did to me.

    Dumb bitch.


    SUPER amazing.

  • Alistair Browne

    Why is this even on hypetrak...

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  • Djprecision73

    50 must not be worried about talent because dj pauly d has no talent at all not even as a dj he sucks!