CurT@!n$ – Itz Alright

Late last year, Sam from was trying to put together an album featuring all independent rappers. It never came to fruition, but a song that CurT@!n$ submitted for the project stood out to him. The track, "Itz Alright," features a Nebulla & Lenny Dee-produced beat that has distinctive dubstep elements, a sound that the New York City-based artist is not known for tackling. Check it out below, and if you've yet to grab CurT@!n$'s most recent project, Killer Tape, you can listen to it and download it here.

Big shouts to CurT@!n$ for f*cking with me and my vision regardless if it was executed, and for generally not being a pussy and killing this joint. I encourage all girls to sleep with him merely for what he represents.
- Sam of

Source: Nah Right