Lady Gaga – Born This Way (The Country Road Version)

At 3 a.m. this morning, the always unpredictable Lady Gaga released the official alternate version to her Billboard chart-topping single, "Born This Way." Laced with electric and acoustic guitars, drums and harmonicas, 'The Country Road Version' of the song offers quite a different sound than the original. For those who can appreciate the meaning behind the lyrics of "Born This Way" but are not fans of the hard-hitting electro-pop beat, this southern-country-rock styled version may be for you. However, for those who are accustomed to and fans of the sound Gaga has become known for, this one may come as a shock. If you are of the latter, your mind may become boggled a little more by knowing that Gaga herself produced this alongside Fernando, the man responsible for creating the beat to the original. If the no. 1 rule in the Lady Gaga Handbook isn't "don't be surprised by anything she does," it probably should be. Check it out!