Rich Hil – Gorgeous Suicide

Son of fashion giant Tommy Hilfiger unveils a new leak from his upcoming mixtape which was scheduled to unveil today, but has been pushed until this Friday. With the change of plans, Rich Hil has made available this new song titled "Gorgeuous Suicide" to hold it down until then. Limosa Nostra Act 3 out this Friday, so until then, check out the song below and see what you think, enjoy!

By: Davis Huynh / Tracks / January 31, 2011 / 4159 Views
  • Bs

    You mean Lil Wayne?

  • opensource

    wtf is this? son of tommy hilfiger gangsta rap sounding like lil wayne

  • Aquze

    He's got a flow with beats, and some lyrics but even if thats how he sounds he needs to switch it up, because of the comparison w/ Weezy

  • C*(>icecream

    high class birthed white trash

  • Skylar

    I liked his pops joints in 1995. No way could I ever listen to the son of Tommy Hilfiger on a rap record though..

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  • Typecastaaron3

    this just shows how easy it is to make something dope. the sh*t is dope for real but its too wayne-ish but again, anybody can make a mixtape

  • Tommymillerjr18

    poor dude has some heavy haters he isnt even that bad he does sound alot like wayne in this though

  • brainer

    wow, terrible

  • Richard Alegria

    hahah i heard some collabs with him and kid cudi in the past and it was alright but now he actually DOES sound like lil wayne. haha

  • numba1hater

    nostra? this nigga probably grew up on a yatch. maybe if he was real with it and rapped about polos and boat shoes I'd be feeling it more


    he sounds nothing like wayne; his lyrics are tired and re-used. his voice is whiny and his melodies are boring. this kid is fucking terrible. give his musical funding to one of the hundreds of multi-talented unknown MC's swarming these streets

  • Abel

    listen to his 2 last collabs with Kid Cudi " Trippy" and "wont you tell me" DOP!!

  • Abel

    listen to his 2 last collabs with Kid Cudi " Trippy" and "wont you tell me" DOP!!

  • Thomas Fortune

    fuck the haters

  • Xt

    more like bobby brackins

  • Xt

    more like bobby brackins

  • Daveajstearns

    you cant tell me hes anything like weezy because lil fag sucks. but i know good music when i hear it. just because you grow up with money and youre white doesnt mean shit. people dont get that when you have money, life doesnt have substance. so hes searching for substance, and thats what hes getting. hes an amazing artist. shout out to ricky for puttin together dope music over the past few years. i listen to everything and its the dominant tunes on my itunes.


  • Prez

    Tommy Hilfiger once said Black people can't buy his clothes, no double standards here - privileged White people can't speak in ebonics.