KiD CuDi – Marijuana

Presented is a new cut off KiD CuDi's forthcoming Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager-album which is due November 9th. Titled "Marijuana", the track finds Cudder reuniting with Dot Da genius who has been responsible for early tracks like "Cleveland" or "Highs N Lows" while sharing his well documented soft spot for the herbal way of life. Enjoy!

By: Petar Kujundzic / Tracks / October 29, 2010 / 9681 Views
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    I don't smoke but I vibe regardless. Go Cudi

  • Jonathan Lally

    love that the track length is 4:20

  • IKON

    dis album is gonna be.....?....?...hmmm cant seem 2 find words 2 describe this, CUDI=something you've never seen/heard before!

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  • Local Advancers

    +1 buddy

  • alvi

    entire album leaked today

  • Guest

    You know, I really think it gets to a point where everyone's riding these guys' (Drake, Kanye, Cudi ish) dicks too much so they start churning out shit that unimpressive shit just to impress the masses

  • Islander1691

    I am high and this is seriously fucking with me...good job Cudi

  • brooklynmars

    I could give two shits about what Drake and Kanye are putting out. But I've been bumping with Cudi way before he became big. And will always stay true to his music.

  • Anonymous

    When he is featured on someone else's tracks 4/5 times it doesn't sound too great, but when he has his own tracks, Kid Cudi just drop-kicks the world with awesome.

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  • KanYe

    The Album is actually pretty chillin, you should check it out

  • Freetalk

    you should smoke.